Your Guide to Safely Buying Diamonds Online

There are still many people who consider that buying diamonds online involves significant risk. But in reality, as long as you are careful about your purchase, purchasing diamonds on the internet can be quite a safe experience.

Why Shop Online?

Logging on to the internet to purchase diamonds proves to be quite cost-effective. With a chance to choose from the most beautiful and best-cut diamonds, buyers have the freedom to make informed decisions.

Another important reason behind the growing popularity of online purchase of diamonds is the luxury of a large selection. When one purchases gems in a retail shop, they are limited to the options the stores stock. When you go online, you can find the very best options available as the inventory is virtually endless.

Educate Yourself

Before beginning to shop, one needs to get the excellent education about diamond and understand what makes one piece more valuable and beautiful than another. The beauty of the diamond depends crucially on the crown and pavilion angles. Basic and advanced information will be available on the internet. Once you understand as to what to look for in a diamond, you can start trusting your judgment.

Compare Prices

To ensure that the cost of the diamonds is competitive, one should compare prices from one vendor to another. In addition to checking the Price of Diamond, make sure the vendor list consists of pieces he maintains his inventory. Many vendors post listings of parts available with the wholesaler. Thus some diamonds you see online may not be available when you inquire about.

Checking Vendors Credentials, Services and References
It is crucial to check the track record of each vendor. Take a look at the return policies and read customers’ feedback comments. It is vital to check vendor’s credentials and their associations with professional and public organizations. One should not hesitate to inquire if these details aren’t available on the vendor’s website. It is also crucial to understand the terms and conditions under which they provided services such as free shipping, a setting of the solitaire, etc


You may also want to conduct an evaluation of your diamond purchase. An easy way to achieve this is by making sure that the piece you purchase comes with a certificate from one or more of the many reputed diamond grading institutions from around the world.

Ways to Purchase Diamonds Safely Online

Whether it’s online or offline shopping, safety measures should always be taken to have the best purchase and avoiding any misfortune. Purchasing diamonds online is very much trendy nowadays, so here we are discussing some of the tips essential to consider while having such purchase.

Never make full payment before the diamond reaches in the retailer’s stock
In case you are forced to do total amount, then it signifies that the retailer does not have sufficient working capital to sustain your purchase. Though the collapse of Diamond Exchange revealed the fact that a lot of people who paid for gemstones did not receive them, full payment before getting the diamond in the retailer’s stock is filled with many other risks as well.

Always make payment through the credit card

Credit cards provide customers much protection. For a numerous of reasons, if you are not contented with your purchase, or did not get it on time, you can consult with your credit card provider, who will investigate as well as refund your money if applicable. These disputes have a cut-off date between 60 and 100 days. Hence it is best to confer with your card provider.

Always purchase an AGS or GIA certified stone

Unless you are on a much limited financial plan, it is essential that the diamond you are buying has the correct color as well as clarity grade, provided that neither you nor a diamond expert has evaluated the stone. While diamonds having certificates from lower quality labs like IGI or EGL may seem cheap; they are just very inconsistent to be getting such a significant risk with when purchasing sight unseen.

While looking for Diamond Rings for Women or any other piece of diamond jewelry online, it is best to visit websites that have been recommended by family and friends. Speak to them about their buying experiences. This way you can be sure of their positive experiences and confidently make your high value purchase without any hesitation.

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