Tips for Buying the Best Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is among the most precious and loved product all over the world. This wonderful yet pricy ornament has the greatest hedge when it comes to falling markets, inflation and it can easily be liquidated anywhere in the world. Although gold jewelry is among the most expensive accessories, they are available and you can still purchase one online. To assist you in choosing the best jewelry online, below is a gold – buying guide which will help you learn everything about gold jewelry.


1. Gold Jewelry’s Purity and the Impact on its Value

There are different variations of gold purity. The purity gold jewelry is usually indicated in karats (K), is usually marked on the inside i.e. 10K, 14k, 18k etc. The higher the karat value, the more the gold is pure and the more expensive it is. However, pure gold is so soft hence it’s not practical for daily use and that is why it’s usually mixed with other metals to create an alloy. Some of the metals used include zinc, copper, silver, and nickel all which are used to give the gold extra strength as well as more durability. For instance;

  • A 24K –Gold is pure.
  • An 18K – Gold has 18 out of 24 parts made with pure gold while the remaining 6 contains an alloy of one or more metals. An 18K jewelry contains 75 percent gold.
  • A 14K-Gold has 14 out of 24 parts made with pure gold and the remaining 10 composed of one/ more metals. It’s made of 58. 3 percent gold.
  • A 10K-Gold has 10 out of 24 parts made with pure gold and the remaining 10 made of one/more different metals i.e. it’s made up of 50 percent gold.


Note that the 14K- Gold Jewelry is the most common in many stores. Gold is among the best jewelry online but buying a gold product which has less than 14 Karats is a waste of money since it will lose its value within a short period of time. Also if you are looking to buy the best jewelry online but you are outside the United States, it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with different gold hallmarks in different countries. For example, Hallmarks in European countries are; 

  • An 18K – Gold contains 75 percent gold and it’s marked 750
  • A 14K-Gold contains 58.5 percent of gold and it’s marked 585
  • A 10k-Gold contains 41.7 percent gold and it’s marked 417.

2. Familiarize Yourself with other Gold Jewelry Markings

In order for you to find the best jewelry online, from classic to vintage, it’s very important that you learn more about gold jewelry markings. Aside from the hallmark, you will find the maker’s trademark and sometimes the country of origin of the item. Jewelry which is more than 100 years often don’t contain the hallmark. In order to get the best jewelry online, ensure that its gold content has been tested before you make a purchase.


3. Know the Different Gold Variations

Gold jewelry usually comes in multiple color variations. Apart from the popular white-gold, rose – gold and yellow-gold, you may also come across different two-tone variations. If you love color variations, you can order the best jewelry online by requesting pure gold to be combined with other metals in order to create a new, diverse and stunning color palette. If pure gold is mixed with silver or palladium, the end product will be white –gold, the most loved color choice for wedding rings. Pure gold mixed with copper results to a product that has a soft-pink color. However, the gold jewelry color that is very high in demand worldwide is still yellow –gold.

If you want to buy the best jewelry online, pick a solid gold because it’s more durable and you can wear it regularly without it wearing off. If you have allergic skin reactions to metals such as nickel, it’s important to choose a gold item that has high gold content e.g., a 22K or 18K jewelry. Although a gold plated or filled jewelry is still great for occasional wear, you shouldn’t consider it as an investment because it will lose its value quickly by wearing off. For a valuable and life-long gold jewelry, buy an item that contains the highest gold quality and which your budget can comfortably allow.

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