The Best Jewelry Online Buying Guide

Buying jewelry essentially can be the awesome process but it does not have to be so. With some bit of the research, it is easy to know what can make the great jewelry gift or can be the best purchase for the personal wear. When you are choosing the best jewelry online, it’s the best idea to focus on a style, the quality and the look of a piece. It needs to match a personality of a wearer and be something which is comfortably contained in your budget.

Gemstone Varieties


The Natural Gemstones

Gemstones actually come in different varieties. These can be lab-created, natural or imitation. The natural gemstones are essentially mined from different locations all over the world. Sometimes gemstones like emeralds and rubies can be improved by the use of heat treatment to enhance their color and the clarity. These treatments typically are permanent. The other types of the treatments cannot be permanent, so it’s always significant to ask questions about the quality of natural gemstone. For the colored gemstones, actually many jewelers can grade the gemstones based on the characteristics of the color, clarity and the sparkle. For the diamonds, it’s best to buy GIA qualified diamonds which are graded basing on their color, cut, carat, clarity and also other qualities. Knowing the quality of natural gemstone which is being bought, assist one to make the better buying decision. Four the Mine strives to use the AAA certified the high-quality gemstones which are natural. At most, the Four Mine gemstones actually have the heat treatment which is permanent.

The Laboratory Created Gemstones

Manufactured or the lab-created gemstones essentially have a same physical feature and can similar to natural gemstones. Nevertheless, by testing the gemologist will recognize differences between the natural gemstone and the lab-created gemstone. The Lab created gemstones don’t have similar value and the rarity like that of natural gemstone.

Imitation Gemstones

Actually, other jewelers use the other materials for the creation of gemstone. These will be made by the use of materials like cubic zirconia, glass or other materials which give look to the gemstone. Nevertheless, these alternatives don’t have a value or the visual appeal of natural gemstones.

Gemstone Jewelry Metals

Typically, Gemstone Jewelry is set in valuable metals like platinum and gold. Normally, 14kt of gold and 18kt of gold are the desired metals for gold. This is as a result of the ideal blend of the purity and the durability. Anything which is below 14kt cannot have durability or beauty of 18kt and 14kt gold. White gold actually has the silvery white gleams and is plated in white metal, rhodium, for the added layer of durability and shine. The yellow gold is the classic and the traditional choice which has the warm golden radiance. Rose gold typically is a unique choice which has the metallic pink description. Platinum is the premium metal which is both dense and durable. It is the heavier metal which is the great choice for the engagement rings and also the wedding bands. All the metals appear beautiful by most diamonds and gemstones. Popular mixtures are emerald and ruby with the yellow gold, the sapphire with the white gold and the diamonds with the platinum. When you consider pricing, 14kt of gold is actually the best affordable, while the platinum is most expensive. The metal pricing dependent upon on how uncommon this metal is. All the metals used by the Four Mine has the guarantee of quality and durability.

Gemstone Jewelry Metals

Gemstone jewelry actually comes
in different varieties and the styles. When you choose the best jewelry online, it’s important to choose the piece which has the lasting appeal durability and value. Necklaces appear in different varieties which can be complex or simple. The complex varieties have different gemstones and the diamond accents. The simply varieties are the solitaire styles which have the single gemstone being held by the bail on the chain. The simply necklace style is being worn on the daily basis with closely any outfits. Because it is only the durable and the precious metals which are used to craft the necklaces, they will withstand the daily wear. The earrings are available from the simple to the complex styles. Actually, simple styles are diamonds or gemstones which come in the variety of the shapes and which are held in the ear by the use of post backing. They are the great compliment to the casual outfits. But the larger sizes and the fancy shapes like the emerald, and the cushion are be used for the completion of the formal outfit. Actually, earrings come in different varieties like dangle, hoop, drop and huggee. Finding the look which you love, it is the main step when differentiating these different styles. Classic mixtures are the diamonds paired with the gemstones for the alternating pattern and color. Finally, rings and bands can be the beautiful procurements. Whether they’re additions to the existing set or the upgrade, many options are available.

Gifting By Occasion

Jewelry at this time can be the great gift for the occasion as it is the gift which will stand a test of the time and offer delight to a wearer. Though many of the jewelry will be perfect for several occasions, actually there are different varieties which are popular at definite times.


For the wedding anniversaries, different there are
different gifts for the diamond bands. Diamonds on a band commemorate years being spent altogether. Or, a diamond band will be the addition and upgrade to a band and the ring set she has already worn. Additional well-known gifts for the anniversaries are the gemstone jewelry. For some anniversaries particulars gemstones are traditionally offered. Even though jewelry of any type is welcome, many prefer the gift pendants or the earrings.


Birthdays are also the great event for the jewelry gifting which needs to choose the best jewelry online. Rings, pendants, and earrings are very popular gifts in these occasions. Typically, it’s the best idea to choose the favorite gemstone because it can be one who is likely to wear all days. Four Mine recommend diamond, ruby studs, emerald or sapphire. They will be the memorable gift which is flawless for the special days or the daily wear. The other well-known gifts are those which correspond with a birthstone to that month. Actually, this tradition starts in early times where a month of the birth determined that would be the best gemstone for wearing to offer the luck and the best fortune toa wearer. Pendants and earrings are the best choices to showcase the birthstones.

Push Presents

Different choose to memorialize the birth of the child with the jewelry. Jewelry will be the sentimental recap of the special time. By the use of the birthstone of a child is the excellent way for creating a beautiful memory. Journey pendants, halo earrings, or the circle sapphire pendant will carry the special meaning. Nevertheless, in this occasion, it’s especially very important to get the piece of the jewelry which the mother need to wear.

Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day of the jewelry actually can be the special way of celebrating the love. The red colored gemstone like garnet and ruby are the traditional gifts. These styles actually represent the exclusive love story. Also, earrings can be the great gifts. It is recommended to use diamonds, rubies or sapphires. This will treasure them as the staple in the wardrobe.

Mother’s Day

The main heart of any mother is the beautiful piece of the jewelry. Discovering something which reflects the tastes can be something which she will truly treasure. Cluster pendants, key pendants, and the solitaire pendants are actually the best ideas. Many choose to offer gift her favorite color gemstones like the blue sapphire, green emerald or red ruby.


By graduating from the school or from college is the big step when you enter to this world. The best jewelry online gifts can be the best way for one to celebrate by choosing jewelry which is the classic addition to the wardrobe. Something which she will wear for work or for the interviews or for the upgrade of her daily outfit, we recommend solitaire pendants or stud earrings. In the classic sapphire or the emerald can be memorable and striking. For the timeless gift, the diamond studs are the perfect lifelong in additional to the jewelry collection.

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