Determine Your Skin Tone So You Can Buy the Best Jewelry Online

Two people can wear the same piece of jewelry, but it would look different on each one of them depending on their skin tone. That happens because certain metals and gemstones complement some skin tones more than they do others. Fortunately, there is a particular kind of jewelry for every type of skin tone. The trick lies in determining your skin tone so that you can buy the best jewelry online to complement it.


What is Your Skin Tone?

Your skin tone does not refer to how light or dark your skin is. In other words, it is not synonymous with the color of your skin. Moreover, it does not refer to the temporary changes that occur on it. For example, exposure to sunshine and rosacea changes the appearance of your skin temporarily. Instead, this tone refers to the hue/undertone of your skin, and it remains constant throughout your life. People have two different undertones, i.e., warm and cool tones. Buy the best jewelry online that complements your particular tone. 


– Warm Skin Tone 

Perform a few tests to ascertain if you have a warm skin tone. For example, you can look at your veins. You have a warm skin tone if they appear greenish. People with golden brown, green, hazel, or amber eyes have this kind of undertone as well. Additionally, if your hair color is brown, black, golden, or red, then you belong in this category. Moreover, your skin has peach, golden, olive, or peach undertones if you have this tone. Finally, you would tan golden brown quickly if your skin tone were warm. 


– Cool Skin Tone 

In this case, your veins would appear bluish if you belong to this category. Your eyes are grey, blue, black, or dark brown. You would have black, dark brown or ash blonde hair as well. Your skin would have bluish, peach, or pink undertones. Celebrities with this kind of tone include Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, and Elizabeth Taylor. Others are Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, and Shania Twain. Celebrities with a warm skin tone include Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kate Hudson among others. 


Now Buy the Best Jewelry Online for Your Skin Tone 

– Yellow Gold Jewelry 

This color has a vibrant hue. It will look amazing on you if you have a warm skin tone. You can match it with other jewelry items as long as their color complements it. For instance, you can put it on with garnets, citrine, rubies, and peridot. You can also try champagne diamonds and chocolate topaz. 


– Rose Gold Jewelry 

Fortunately, this color works on cool and warm skin tones. However, it would look incredible on you if you have pink or olive undertones on your skin. Matching accessories are unnecessary with jewelry that has this color, but you can go for pink diamonds or morganite if you want to accessorize. 


– White Gold Jewelry 

It suits cool skin tones especially those who have bluish or pink undertones. However, those who have warm skin tones can try it as well. You can wear it with other jewelry items. To look good, the color of these items should be purple tourmaline, blue topaz, turquoise, or emeralds. You can also try diamond accessories, but avoid jewelry with yellow undertones as much as you can. 


– Two-Tone Gold Jewelry 

Sometimes, your skin tone may be neutral, i.e., it is neither warm nor is it cool. Going for a jewelry item with a neutral color, in this case, is an excellent idea. In fact, you can opt for two-tone gold. It works with a spectrum of colors, and it looks splendid when you wear it with accessories made of diamond. 


– Oxidized Silver 

It looks great because it has a vintage look. In fact, many artisans and jewelers love it because of that specific quality. They also know that it works on both warm and cool skin tones depending on the level of oxidation that it undergoes. More specifically, heavily oxidized silver works well warm skin while lightly oxidized silver works well with cool skin tones.

Buy the best jewelry online based on these tips, and you will look great because your earrings, necklaces, or rings among other items will complement your skin. Try it today to see how good you would look. Start by determining your skin tone. Then purchase the best jewelry online to add to that tone. 

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