A Complete Guide to Buying Diamonds

Are you looking to buy the best diamonds online, well, you came to the right place.

Below you will find advice and guideline on what to look out for. In this day and age, there are many corrupt individuals out to make quick cash in ways that are not exactly legit. However, the first step is to identify the best diamonds online stores.

When someone says diamonds, it is obvious they will be thinking about the financial implications – diamonds are known to be expensive. The first tip would be deciding on the budget. How much are you looking to spend? It is vital that you know the exact prices of what you want. The prices may be over- or under quoted. Any price above or below the market rate should be cause for concern.

While you peruse through the site, you may see all the shiny diamonds. Focus. That is key and is bound to save you a lot. While they may look shiny, they come at a price. Do not be too hard on yourself either. If you are looking for diamonds, then that means you are out to celebrate something special – maybe even a proposal. Therefore, take your time and peruse through nothing but the best diamonds online stores.


So, what is a reasonable budget to get the best diamonds? Before heading to the magic numbers, how about finding out what a good diamond entails? If you are a diamond fanatic, then you know about the 4Cs. These stand for cut, color, carat, and clarity. Before clicking on a particular piece that won your heart over, ensure what you are ordering is in stock. That is the thing with the best diamond online stores; you get such information prior to making the purchase.

Going through the article will give you further tips on the stock as well as understanding the offers. Find out whether the piece you are interested in is but a virtual listing to avoid further frustration.


Apart from the 4Cs, something else you need to look out for while selecting diamonds is the shape. Being cautious about the shape will reduce the scope of all you need to look at. Some of the classic pieces will come in the usual round shape.

The best part of the classic piece is the fact that it is also light. In other cases, one might settle on what is termed the princess shape. If it has a delicate and near-perfect cut, it comes in a brilliant design that has won over many hearts. Again, one cannot have a conversation on diamonds and overlook the budget implication. The fancy design, which is not round, can influence the quality and overall size.

If you are looking to spend minimally, then the princess design cut is your best bet. However, some people will argue that diamonds are diamond, nothing much to do with the shape. In such a case, then the classic shape is the best route to take. Besides, it has been described as the “tested and true” route. You can’t go wrong with this one.

The 4Cs

Back to the 4Cs and the first element to look at must be the Carat, which is the diamond measurement. Some have been known to say if it’s light it’s fake. But how light? Five carats are equivalent to one gram.

But, stones’ weight can vary depending on the diamond proportion. Size and price will always go hand in hand. Many people will opt for the one-carat diamond, abbreviated as 1.00 ct. While the diamond might look smaller, that does not cheapen it. Most people want to go for the big and shiny, which is bound to push the price higher.

The higher the carat, the more expensive the piece will be. For example, a 1.01 ct piece may cost $5,000. If it’s 2.01 ct, the price might shoot to $8,000 for every carat, totaling $16,080.

The clarity and color of a diamond piece will influence the range of carat, which again affects the budget. The DEF is a colorless range that will fetch a premium price. The VVS2, IF and VVS2 are almost clear and perfectly flawless.

Understanding the color and clarity range will help you make the best decision in shopping at the best diamonds online stores. 

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